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American Echoes: Quality Handmade Wooden Wall Art Made in the United States

Welcome to American Echoes, a one-stop destination that creates inspiring wall art of outstanding quality and design.  Designed by Michael Standridge and crafted in part by disabled adults, or people who have developmental disabilities in the USA, we use the best quality reclaimed wood and eco-friendly paints to create wooden wall art that can be passed on to future generations.

For over the past 9 years, our mission at American Echoes is multifaceted and we want to offer the very best for America and reclaim the future. The primary concerns of our company are the people and community. We want to ensure that we provide the safest, eco-friendly reclaimed wood products that can inspire people in some way or the other.

We Use the Best Reclaimed Wood for Our Wall Arts

The wall art we feature here are crafted from wood products that are reclaimed because of a hard manufacturing process, which keeps them from being disposed of without use and out of landfills. The reclaimed woods we use are hand-sewn beams from century-old regal American Southeast forests that have fallen into disrepair. We ensure that the existing process proceeds without cutting down trees for our purpose alone.

State and City Flags Wooden Wall Art

We want to keep our nation’s history intact and want other citizens who cherish their country to flaunt the best that our history has to offer. To keep our American history rich, we specialize in state & city flags wooden wall art.

From Chicago to Texas, at American Echoes, we are proud to say that we have a wide range of state, city, and territory flags of the USA, made in reclaimed quality wood. Most of the flags we feature here are handmade, and rest assured that they meet the highest standards.

American Flags and More

Every true patriot in the United States cannot sit calm without an American flag in their home. These beautifully handcrafted wooden pieces here at American Echoes are sure to become the talk of the day amongst your friends and family. You can find various designs in rustic wood form, and bring the spirit of Old Glory into your home or business.  Feel free to also choose from military flags to honor the efforts of our soldiers for our nation.

Our Products Can Be Cherished For Years to Come

We want to care for the environment and at the same time build products that everyone in the United States can cherish for years to come. Keeping American values and traditions intact, we want to highlight the best qualities of our great nation through the products or historic flags wooden wall arts that we create.

The theme of our wall arts is American flags and we specialize in military flags wooden wall art, that stand out as a gentle reminder for people that our soldiers were not fighting alone, but the hands of the Almighty guided them. We have national flags, old glory patriotic wall art, wall decor, wooden rusy vintage flags, wooden crafted wall hangings and more.

How American Echoes Helps Disabled Adults

As mentioned above, one of our primary concerns here at American Echoes is to help people with disabilities or developmental disabilities to gain employment or work. Such individuals always take a step backward because they believe that the community would not accept them, or they believe that they lack the right skills to be able to work side by side other professionals.

At American Echoes, we want to remove this fear from the hearts of such individuals. Our focus is to teach them the basic skills in wall art, and help them to be more imaginative and create inspiring wall art with us.

There’s a lot more to a job than a paycheck. When we employ groups of hardworking disabled adults in South Carolina, we train them in ways to ensure they enjoy the job.

This avenue provides a worthwhile service to the community and most of all; it provides disabled individuals with ways to utilize their talents and their time. Through this act, we also want to be models for other companies and encourage them to do the same.

Thank you for visiting our website, take your time to review our national flags wooden wall arts and see how we inspire others!