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A Symbol of Freedom Makes the Perfect Accent for Any Wall

At American Echoes, we want to ensure that you give your home the best touch of freedom through our range of wooden flag wall art. As you explore this page, you will find that it displays the finest quality reclaimed wood American historic flags. With thousands of options to choose from, you can choose the perfect solution for your wall.

Browse through our American flags, historic flags, state flags, military flags, service flags and more. If you aren’t finding the best product suitable for your wall, you can refine your search based on different categories we have for you on this page.

State and Territory Flags

We offer an unlimited range of complete United States flags. From California to Chicago, we offer an extensive range of state and territory flags of the USA in reclaimed wood wall art and decor. Most of the flags you find featured here are 100% handmade to the highest standards of quality. With the help of disabled individuals, we create unique wall art that is sure to inspire others. Browse our selection of State flags here.

American Flags

Over several years, the American flag has undergone countless changes. With over 27 different versions since its first design, dating back to 1777, it represents any true patriot. At American Echoes, we want every home to keep their patriotism high, maintain old traditions, and respect their country for years to come. We have a wide collection of American wooden wall art flags that will definitely represent the true patriot in you.

Among the American Flag range we have, you can find some like The Betsy Ross flag, which was first designed during the American Revolution. This version of the flag features 13 stars, which represent 13 original colonies. During the early years of America, most of the flags featured 13 stars. The wood flag we have is beautifully handcrafted and it will make a great addition to your home or business. The grain of the wood, the slightly raised element, and boldness of the colors featured in our flags provide a good conversation piece that all your family and friends will surely rave about.

Other flags you can choose from our collection include American Flags in different sizes and dimensions, including standard to large, Texas State flags, An Appeal to Heaven, Citadel Big Red, and several others in variable sizes.

We welcome you to our store, which features US made handcrafted products with the best quality that will pass down from one generation to another.